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Crab Sandwich

Preparation Time: 15- 20 minutes

200g Shellfish Ireland cooked crab meat
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste
2 slices of your favorite bread (toasted, if desired)
Mixed greens (lettuce, arugula, etc.)
Sliced tomatoes
Fresh herbs (such as parsley or dill) for garnish

1. In a bowl, combine the cooked crabmeat, mayonnaise, and lemon juice. Mix them together until well incorporated.
2. Taste the mixture and season with a pinch of salt and pepper to suit your taste. Mix again to ensure the flavors are well distributed.
3. Lay out the slices of bread on a plate or a serving platter.
4. Place a layer of mixed greens (lettuce, arugula, etc.) on top of each slice of bread.
5. Spoon the crab mixture evenly over the greens on both slices.
6. If desired, add sliced tomatoes on top of the crab mixture for some extra freshness.
7. Garnish the sandwiches with some fresh herbs, like chopped parsley or dill, for added flavor and visual appeal.
8. Your crab meat open sandwiches are now ready to be served! They make for a light and flavorful meal, perfect for a quick lunch or snack.

You can add other veggies like slices of avocado or more of your liking!

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