Shellfish Ireland play a leading role in protecting the long-term future of stocks through sustainability initiatives across our product range.

Fishery Improvement Projects

Fishery Improvement Projects provide a platform for fishermen, seafood buyers and suppliers to protect and improve a specific fishery by implementing a plan over a given time period.

Ireland has a National strategy to develop FIPS to ensure the long-term protection and development of our Fisheries.

Shellfish Ireland role in FIPs

Shellfish Ireland is one of the key participants in the Brown Crab FIP.

The company itself is fully involved in development and implementation of the Plan for Brown Crab

Lobster V notching program

The primary intention of the lobster V-notching method is to improve the sustainability of Ireland’s lobster stocks by protecting female lobsters so that they can breed a number of times.

V-notching involves manually removing a simple, V-shaped notch from the tail of a female lobster when first caught. Shellfish Ireland vessels are members of Irelands V-notching program.


All shrimp sold by Shellfish are caught in pots by inshore vessels observing closed seasons.